Velvet Sundown Thong | by Cr1TiKaL

Anonymous asked, "Hey, do you know what video the "that bird cannot catch a break; my fist threaded the needle..." quote comes from?"

His Clips vid!

Anonymous asked, "do you know what episode it was when he said the most plain sounding "scraah" theres an audio post for it.."

Scraah………………………. This maybe?? From the Real Ez Cracker vid apparently according to the OP. I went through my audio posts- that would be the closest one so if not, I have NO idea.

EDIT: ok no I’m wrong it’s from Pokemon Crystal THANK U psiroller!

Dog Football Gameplay and Commentary | by Cr1TiKaL

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A Cr1tikal chuckle and laugh compilation.

Anonymous asked, "Is it just me or am I the only one who actually doesn't want to know who or what he looks like? It's a mystery that should be left untouched"

If you read the comments of his video you’ll see that a ton of people feel the same!

Anonymous asked, "Lmao have you seen all the twitter pages pretending to be cr1tikal? It's so fake and hilarious and CREEPY to pretend you're someone else online, why do people even bother making such things?"

I’ve seen some. I don’t know why so many people follow them and think it’s him but whatever I guess.

Spiderman 2 Gameplay and Commentary | by Cr1TiKaL

pepperonikisses asked, "do you think if I payed for Cr1TiKal's justice of the peace license, assuming he doesn't already have it, I could get him to marry my fiance to me?"

Message him!

Anonymous asked, "the world needs an audio of crit1kals giggle from the clips video"

is this a joke or

Anonymous asked, "In his videos there is a lot of background noise. Do you think it might be his family/roommates or is he just leaving the TV on?"

I don’t know, I never noticed it.

Anonymous asked, "Is cr1tikal a student/graduate? He demonstrates background of a strong education with his understanding of human anatomy along with having a strong vocabulary"

I don’t know anything about his personal life. He said he took anatomy and physiology in his Classroom Aquatic vid, I believe. That’s all I know.

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