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thisisanonywolf asked, "To the last anon: the line was in the Wrestling MPire video."

Thanks! At 5:20.

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Anonymous asked, "What video does cr1tikal say "ooo i just got a text message"?"

He gets a text in The Wolf Among Us 3 gameplay but that’s not the one where he says that line specifically… I forget the other video where he gets a message. Can someone help out?

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Anonymous asked, "are you cr1tikal's left nipple"

That’s me, cr1tikal’s nipple. A blogging nipple.

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Anonymous asked, "just found out a friend of mine knows cr1tikal's bFF."

That’s pretty cool ~(˘▾˘)~

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Anonymous asked, "Totally recruited someone on omegle to watch Penguinz0. Am I cool now? I told them to watch the Dora the explorer one because that one puts me in tears every time. They told me they were like peeing their pants laughing. What's your favorite video by Cr1tiKal?"

That’s awesome! I don’t know how I could pick just one video… I have a lot of favorites. Smurf Rescue, Sumotori, Facade, Zoo Tycoon, Scary Deer, Babysitter Bloodbath BC LAUGH, etc etc!!!

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you sick sack of fucking filth, you poisoned my shit, didn’t you! [x]

z-hunter asked, "i was watching a documentary about infomercials recently and anthony sullivan was on it and i was genuinely so confused for a moment because i had never heard his actual voice and my brain couldn't process why he suddenly didn't sound like critikal."

I have no idea what Anthony Sullivan sounds like.

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Anonymous asked, "Imagine sex with Cr1tikal. "Alright that's the end of this orgasm. Remember to rate the orgasm comment the orgasm and subscribe if you wanna see more orgasms similar to this one. See ya.""

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Anonymous asked, "Like I literally have THE BIGGEST CRUSH on critical like Hes my kind of humor which is indeed hard to find like I cant even watch his videos because I like get sad Ill never know who he is lol. I want to marry that man lol"

AW send him a message! Maybe he’ll respond.

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Anonymous asked, "What video is that sniper gif set from? I searched sniper 2 cr1tikal on YT and didn't find it"

He just uploaded it. It’s literally one post before that gifset on my blog.

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Sniper 2 Gameplay and Commentary | by Cr1TiKaL


ok but imagine

you’re sitting in the audience of a lets play panel at a con

it’s about to start and the let’s players are seating themselves

there’s game grumps, markiplier, tobuscus, and an unfamiliar face

as they’re settling in and checking their mics, the man nobody recognizes says

"what’s up everybody it’s cr1tikal"

the entire audience shits their collective pants

the panel ends immediately

there are no survivors

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