Bonnie listens to one of Cr1tikal’s stories. (x)

Anonymous asked, "can we pls get the text message beep and cr1tikal saying 'well theres a text message' in the holy shit video at 6:12 as a sound clip b/c that would make a great text tone. or just the words part would be ok too omg"

I THINK I saw that someone made one… but I didn’t like it or anything and the tag moves too fast now for me to go back and find it. Does anyone know if someone already made an audio clip of this?

Anonymous asked, "Critikal's new video makes me so happy, he sounds so genuinely happy and I never knew that he donated to charities and such. I'm so used to his monotone voice and it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, it's so nice. <3 What'd you think?"

I thought it was really sweet! It’s interesting to hear a little more about him even though he doesn’t like talking about himself. Plus, now we know the *~secret~* behind “penguinz0”. And he just seemed really sincere in thanking everyone and I’m happy to hear he’s getting more voice acting gigs and YEAH. I hope he’s doing well IRL, as well~


he’s made me laugh when I didn’t feel like it. Thanks cr1tikal. keep havin fun and bein’ you. [Holy Shit]


he’s made me laugh when I didn’t feel like it. Thanks cr1tikal. keep havin fun and bein’ you. [Holy Shit]

Holy Shit | by Cr1TiKaL


It didn’t accomplish its mission

Anonymous asked, "also i feel like everything cr1tikal says that can be counted as problematic is easily chalked up to just straight up ignorance and nothing malicious. i can't imagine him being genuinely mean at all ever, he's just not educated on like, social justice issues and whatnot."

Yeah I guess it comes down whether or not he’s willing to admit he’s wrong about something. But since he doesn’t really interact with his subscribers, who knows? Going by his videos he definitely doesn’t seem like a malicious person.

Anonymous asked, "I'll admit I'm somewhat hesistant to fully embrace cr1tikal's sudden popularity for fear of what it may bring, but at the same time I'm glad to see he's being appreciated. Plus, it means more ad revenue, which means more money for charities. That is a win far as I'm concerned."

Yeah, I don’t see a problem with cr1tikal getting more viewers!

Anonymous asked, "iirc all the attention cr1tikal is getting on here now is because someone made a post comparing him and jontron by calling jontron a "overall shitty person" and saying cr1tikal is miles better"

Oh yeah I know I saw that. I didn’t want to post it here, though. And I know people have been digging to find faults with cr1tikal’s videos, which is fine. But I’ve seen some false accusations so don’t believe anything unless you get a source. I know he’s said shitty things but don’t make shit up to make him seem way worse than he is.

Anonymous asked, "i havent seen cr1tikal this much attention from tumblr before!! im really happy."

Ya the tag is moving so fast I’m so confused. I saw a post that was like “now that tumblr’s found cr1tikal, let’s see how long it takes for them to turn on him” and I’m just like?????? I’ve had this blog for 3 years with a lot of followers what

Anonymous asked, "Someone at my university thought I was Cr1tikal once due to my voice sounding similar to his"

haha you should’ve went with it.

if cr1tikal were a personality core

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I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

Anonymous asked, "Do you happen to know what video it was where something unexpected happens and he just says "YOU'RE FUCK??" ? I have no clue but its like my favorite quote from him D:"

No, I know what you’re talking about but I can’t remember the video. Pls reply to this if you know~

Edit: Shutter 2 vid!

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