"Magneto just threw me off to the side. I apologize, Mr. President."

Anonymous asked, "no one in our school ever put two and two together that it was him. But one day I was on YouTube and wound up on his channel and was like huh that's sounds a lot like___. So eventually i got around to asking him if he had a YouTube where he made videos and he said no a bunch until one day when we were hanging out and I pulled a video up and he just started laughing and said yeah that's me"

hahaha that’s awesome omg

Anonymous asked, "I went to school with him"

Was he a ~cool kid~?


cr1tikal is gonna be on his death bed and his last words are probably going to be a monotonous, sarcastic “well fuck my asshole”

Anonymous asked, "would you give up your url if Cr1tiKal asked for it? I doubt he would but still."

No, frick him.

meesturfroggy asked, "i have the ability to do a spot-on cr1tikal voice but every single audio recording device messes up my voice and it messes up my impression, is this a gift or a curse?"

Maybe it’s because hearing your own voice while you’re talking and then hearing it played back in a recording is different.


I ended up watching cr1tikal/penguinz0 again, save me.


iraynarvaezjr asked, "how long have you had this username? i mean you must be a long time fan of cr1tikal to have that username. thanks! <3"

Since May of 2011! At the time it was well after his QWOP video made its rounds on Tumblr so I was surprised this URL wasn’t taken.

Anonymous asked, "I saw in another video, some youtubers talked about Cr1tikal, and one dude said Cr1tikal used to be his substitute teacher. That could explain why he got random knowlenge of certain subjects"

I’ve seen that a lot… I never really thought it was true but I guess it’s possible.

Anonymous asked, "do you know why cr1tikal knows the NATO phonetic alphabet? also how fluently he can speak japanese? sorry if these questions have been answered before, I literally just started watching his stuff today after wanting to for a while."

I’m not sure why he knows it, but it’s really not that odd of a thing to know. As for the Japanese, it wasn’t very long ago when he said he was trying to learn it so I’m not sure if he’s ACTUALLY studying it or just translating certain things and reading them back? I wasn’t really under the impression that his aim was to become fluent but who knows?


This is the greatest rug cutting of All Time (x)

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