Anonymous asked, "I don't know how to go to the next page of your blog! There is no arrow that will take me there. Please help me"

It’s there!

Try zooming out. Or just put /page/2 after the url.

Anonymous asked, "Cr1tikal reminds me of Johnny Bravo for some reason"

I can kind of see that

meeting Jesus in the afterlife 

  • jesus: i have the answer to all of humanities questions
  • me: what does cr1tikal look like

five nights at freddy's
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cr1tikal saying “yay”

Anonymous asked, "Do you know which video it is where Cr1TiKaL actually tries to solve the rubiks cube?"

Like off screen? Because in this vid he tries to finish one as he’s commentating over a video but fucks it up. It’s from Pixel Enemy’s channel. This is also the vid where he plays his bongos.

Anonymous asked, "what is your all time favorite thing cr1tikal has said"

"Do not speak, squid scrotum." (From Facade)

yamame-edamame asked, "Today I took the ACT test, and while testing, I kept on imagining Cr1tikal calling me a connoisseur of courageous calculations, and it really kept me going through the whole test"

NICE! haha I’m sure you did very well!

lose yourself
cr1tikal vs eminem
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a request from marksleftnutt turned into a fun little groove exercise

yourweeaboomystic asked, "cr1tikal X cockroach"

Someone write the fanfic.

Anonymous asked, "I ship Cr1tikal x Cree"

Man, I’m out.

Anonymous asked, "This is the best Cr1TiKaL fanpage of all time"


This is the greatest blog of All Time

A blog dedicated to Cr1TiKaL / penguinz0
The most hilarious person on Youtube


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